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boiler operation engineer exam , department of factories and boilers , kerala 2016

Boiler Operation Engineer’s Examination-2016


Last Date: 24-09-2016

The Board of Examiners for the Boiler Operation Engineer’s Examination (constituted as per G.O.(P) No. 86/2016/LBR dated 09-06-2016 met on 30-07-2016 and decided to conduct Boiler Operation Engineer’s Examination – 2016. As required under Rule 21 of the Boiler Operation Engineer’s Rules-2011, a Gazette Notification in this regard has to be issued for the information to the public.




T2/1958/2016/F&B/BOE     THIRUVANANTHAPURAM          DATED 19-08-2016

It is hereby notified as required under Rule 21 of Boiler Operation Engineers Rules, 2011 that Boiler Operation Engineer’s Examination for the grant of Boiler Operation Engineer’s Certificate will be held on 12th & 13th November, 2016 (Written Examination) and 19th, 20th & 21st December, 2016 (Oral and Practical Examinations). Applications are invited from eligible candidates in the prescribed form.

1    The application form along with the instructions to candidates is available in the official websites Applicant are requested to fill all mandatory columns one by one and attach soft copies of all the testimonials. After finishing online entries take a print out of the filled application and submit with all the testimonials signed as instructed in the application to The Chairman, Board of Examiners, Office of the Director of Factories and Boilers, Suraksha Bhavan, Near A.J.Hall, Kumarapuram, Medical College P.O., Thiruvananthapuram -695011, Kerala.’

2.    Examination fee shall be Rs.1500/-.  The remittance of fee shall be done

through net banking      under the Head of Accountant “0230-00-800-89”

(Fee for the Boiler Operation Engineer’s Examination). Detailed instructions are available along with online application. Fee once remitted will not be refunded under any circumstances.

3.    Exact time/place and mode of examination is available in the website

4.    The online application & hardcopies of the application shall be received on or before 24th September, 2016 to the address mentioned in (1) above.


1.   Should not be less than twenty three years of age as on date of examination.

2.   Should possesses a degree or diploma in Mechanical or Electrical or Chemical or Power Plant or Production or Instrumentation Engineering from a recognised Institution;

3.   Should have served for not less than two years in case of Degree holders and for five years in case of Diploma holders in the operation and / or maintenance of a Boiler of not less than one thousand square meters heating surface or a Battery of Boilers of not less than one thousand square meters heating surface in aggregate out of which at least one Boiler of not less than five hundred square meters heating surface. However, for degree holders or post graduate diploma holders from a National Power Training Institute, requirement of minimum working experience shall be one year.


a.    Candidates have to produce satisfactory testimonials certifying his experience, ability, and good conduct for the whole period of his qualifying service or any unaccounted break: in the period of qualifying service. Such testimonials shall clearly state the capacity in which candidate was employed, whether as an Apprentice Engineer, Supervisor, Assistant Engineer etc. and the periods of such employment stating the dates between which candidates was so employed.

b.   The testimonial is to be signed by a person under whom the candidate was employed and be countersigned by the owner or agent of the mill, factory or workshop or by such other persons as the Government may notify in this behalf.

c.    Candidates who have undergone a course of training at a recognised Engineering College or Technical Institution must produce either the degree or diploma of the course or a certificate from the Principal or Superintendent of the Institution giving the period devoted in completing the course.

d.   A testimonial in respect of service in a steamship may be signed by the Chief Engineer and counter signed by the master of the vessel or may be in the form of a seaman's discharge certificate issued by a Shipping Master.

e.    A testimonial of service rendered on railway boilers or boilers belonging to a Government Department or local bodies, shall be signed by a responsible officer under whom the candidate has directly served and countersigned by the head of the Department concerned.


The knowledge of the candidate pertaining to the following shall be assessed

(a)  Calculation of loads, areas, volumes, quantities and weights

(b)   Description of the principal types of steam boilers used on of boilers are employed; and from the data and formulae supplied, calculate the safe working pressure for any part

(c)  Calculate the direct stress, the torsional stress and stress in rectangular bars and levers with given load

(d)      and economizers

(e)   Use and purpose of various valves, cocks, mountings, fitting and other safety devices

(f)   Description of and explain the functions of feed pumps, feed injectors,  heaters ,air heaters, calorifiers, steam accumulators, forced draught, induced draught and automatic draught control devices

(g)  Fact relating to combustion heat and steam and calculate consumption of coal and water and quantity of steam that may be generated from a given heating surface under the various systems of draught, in a land boiler and also calculate the overall efficiency of boiler plant

(h)    Jet and surface condensation, reheating and the working of steam expansion

(i)  General methods employed in laying foundation for boilers and chimneys and the suitable area and height of chimneys to promote efficient combustion

(j)   Significance of principal appliances in use for the prevention of smoke and the principle on which they work and give description of the principal mechanical stokers, pulverisers, gas, oil and pulverized fuel systems in use

(k)   Periodical cleaning, the methods used for prevention of scale or other deposits on heating surfaces and the necessity for maintaining a certain PH value in feed water

(l)   Detect defects in boilers and state the means and methods of rectifying them

(m)  Precautions to be taken for starting a boiler and economiser from cold or from banked fire condition

(n) Procedure to be adopted in putting an economizer out of commission while the boiler is on steam

(0) Methods adopted for the achievement of fuel economy and the use of various instruments used in a Boiler House

(p) Materials used in Boiler components and piping

(q)Read and prepare a working sketch and drawing of boilers and boiler mounting or parts thereof


Examination shall be conducted in the following manner:-

Paper A- Written examination

1.     Paper One – Covering syllabus stipulated under (a) to (h)
2.     Paper Two – Covering syllabus stipulated under (i) to (p)

Paper B- Drawing examination

One paper covering syllabus under (q)

Paper C -Oral examination

The candidate has to answer questions pertaining to Boiler Practices and if required to demonstrate in the examination room or in a workshop, ability to carry out the practical aspects of duties in a Boiler house.


Written Examination
12th & 13th November, 2016

Oral and Practical Examination
19th, 20th  & 21st   December, 2016.

7. How to apply?

The application form along with the instructions to candidates is available in the official websites

The following things must be kept ready before registering online

a)  Scanned copy of Photo, Signature, and Thumb impression must be in

“.jpeg” format.

b) The size of the above items should not exceed the following

Photo – 100kb, Signature- 50kb, Thumb impression- 50kb

c)  All other documents must be in ‘pdf’ format and should not exceed


d) Internet Banking account for remitting fee(Rupees 1500/-) online.


The printout of the application signed by the applicant shall be forwarded to the Secretary at the following address.

The Chairman, BOE Examination Board,

Suraksha Bhavan,
Directorate of Factories and Boilers,


Thiruvananthapuram- 695011,

Please note that only print out of the application along with copy of all documents submitted online after affixing signature needs to be submitted so as to reach on or before 24th September, 2016.

Note: All originals in respect of academic qualifications, experience certificate and other testimonials uploaded shall be produced at the time of Examination.


a)  Last date for receiving Online application: 24th September, 2016

b)  Last date for receiving Hard copy of application: 24th September, 2016

c)   Schedule of examination

Written Examination
12th & 13th November, 2016

Oral and Practical Examination
19th, 20th  & 21st   December, 2016.




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