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May be revoked clerk recruitment exam | Rajasthan Public Service Commission may revoke the clerk recruitment examination -2014

Rajasthan Public Service Commission may revoke the clerk recruitment examination -2014. Examination of the question paper leak case after the Special Operations Group of the Commission report to the Commission on the examination of the future of the nine-member committee has been formed.After the committee's report last week of October, decided to suspend the examination can be.Rajasthan Public Service Commission, Commission on July 27, 2013. The second grade of junior clerk in the 33 subordinate positions and Rajasthan 7 thousand 538 were invited applications for recruitment to the post. October 7, 2013 until the closing date of the application to the Commission, 7 million 5 thousand 277 candidates applied.
5 thousand 685 candidates applied for the repeal of the 6 million 99 thousand 592 candidates have qualified. January 11, 2014 to all district, tehsil headquarters subdivision and 5 million 30 thousand 227 million in the recruitment examination candidates attended.Revealing gangIn July 2014 RAS pre-2013 paper leak case Prsr caught in gang recruitment of junior clerk paper also unveils leaking. SOG registered a case and the investigation papers in the initial investigation was found to be leaking. SOG dozen candidates to nominate in the case against him is presented invoices.Making committee brainstormSOG charge copy of the investigation report and sent to the commission last month. The Commission's report last Thursday SOG clerk admitted on the basis of ten candidates nominated in the question paper leak case in the future, the Commission is disqualified for all examinations. The Commission now deciding the future of the examination commission with two members of the legal officer and secretary of the committee. SOG committee will decide on the basis of the report whether or not to cancel the test. The Commission received indications from the administration of the test can be canceled.12 million was feesArpissi who apply for recruitment to the clerk over Rs 12 lakh candidates had the exam fees.It could be basedArpissi Moji report on the question paper leak Assuming RAS Prix 2013 is also canceled. RAS pre-2013 paper leak Prsr Prsr of the gang by recruiting junior clerk's letter leaked. SOG has submitted the invoice. Accordingly, the Commission can revoke junior clerical recruitment exams.View magazineFirst Aas Prix in 2013, the junior clerk recruitment exam in 2013 and now in junior accountant and tehsil Revenue Accountant recruitment exam papers leaked and after several cases of duplicate examinations on the students' future is also threatened. The Commission's three tests in three million to seven million candidates applied. The application examination fees from candidates crores to the exchequer were filed, but again delay in the conduct of examinations, examination of delay in deciding the future of millions of young unemployed employment expectations have been dashed.Government offices are functioning in spite of the vacant positions not going to affect the regular functioning of the government, but unemployed youth living in inflationary times is difficult. The first came in the 2013-14 result of recruitment has not yet issued, the examination was terminated for job candidates then have to wait two to three years.Junior clerk admitted to study the SOG report, to report on the future of the examination committee's. Examination before the decision should be based. The committee will decide on the basis of the report.


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